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  Data Source Joints, Bearings and Seismic S   Name(Date) Britec(2012-10-07)
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High speed railways will be one of the most important challenges for the structural engineers of the
third millennium and the aspect of the structural bearings has an important impact on the design of
the structures.
The bridges for the high speed railways, even if their static scheme is often very simple, are peculiar
structures where the interactions between ballast, rail and bearings play a fundamental role.
An important aspect of the bearings for high speed railways, frequently requiring special solutions,
is also the high level of the horizontal loads that are due to braking and traction forces and in many
cases to the earthquake. In some cases, for instance high level of earthquake, also uplift forces shall
be considered.
The author, currently involved in the design and supply of the structural bearings for the largest
high speed rail projects in the world (Italy, Taiwan and China), describes the different solutions of
the bearing systems utilised in many projects around the world, putting in evidence their impact on
the design of the structures.
The problems related to the installation of the bearings, considering that in many cases the over
structure is prefabricated, are also analysed.
Moreover normative aspects, quality assurance and tests are treated.
The aim of the paper is the review of the possible bearings systems putting in evidence their
performances and the problems related to their utilisation, providing also a guide to the designers
for the selection of the bearings.
Keywords: Standard, structural bearings, pot bearing, spherical bearing, shear keys, railway, high
speed railway