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Product Code MS-T-JOINT Product name MS JOINT
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1.   Characteristic   
      1-1.  Saw type bridge expansion joint,
      1-2.  By using the joint anchor which can change the directions easily, 
it can be used to curved and skewed bridge  .
      1-3   It can protect the damage of near-by concrete
      1-4. With the special rubber seal, it can secure the water-proofing
2.  Application Bridge
        New constructions   of  Steel Bridge,  PSC  Bridge ,  RC  Bridge  
        Reinforcement of     of  Steel Bridge,  PSC  Bridge ,  RC  Bridge
3.  Durability
       Upper part is made of  steel,  and  under part is filled with special  rubber seal.
       So that  there could be  no damage during traffics, and it can have very high durability. 
4.   Driving
       The end part is rounded type and it can minimize the  driving  impact.
       we can sure the very comfortable  drivings.
5.   Vibrations  and  Noise  
       Air curtain is created  inside of  the special  rubber seal, and it  can absorb the vibrations  and noise. 
6.   Precised Installations 
       Re-bar is installed uniformly  at  the  hooked anchor ,  and it can be installed very precisely.
7.   Water Proofing  
       Special rubber seal is  consisted by one unit  and  it can show the complete water proofing  
8.   Economy  
     It can protect the concrete  damage , and the life could be  half-eternal.
     The life cycle can be very long , and installation period can be shortened