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  제목 Truss Bridge Retrofit Railings

In 2003, there were
38 metal truss bridges
50 years of age or older
remaining on the State of
Texas highway system. Of
these 38 bridges, 33 are listed
in the National Register of
Historic Places. Many of
these bridges do not meet
current design criteria for
rehabilitation due to narrow
deck widths, low vertical
clearance, and substandard
load capacity. In addition,
the existing bridge railing
2) design/develop a retrofit
railing for high-speed
applications on the
U.S. 281 bridge over the
Brazos River in Palo Pinto
County, Texas;
3) identify criteria which can
serve as a basis for design
exceptions; and
4) design/develop a traffic
railing for new truss
systems on these bridges
have not been shown to meet
the current requirements for
safety and strength.
This project addressed the
design and performance of
acceptable traffic railings for
existing and new truss bridges
in Texas. Specific objectives
were to:
1) design/develop a
retrofit railing for lowspeed
applications on
the Roy B. Inks Bridge in
Llano, Texas;
Figure 1.

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